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Meet the Team Behind Carbonear’s Beautiful Smiles

Teamwork is the key to any successful venture. We, at Dr. Kohli Dental Clinic, are a small yet committed team of people with diverse backgrounds who diligently work every day for you. Our team comprises of professionals who put their vast knowledge and experience to good use in providing affordable dental services in Carbonear. Meet our staff that strives to relieve you of your dental troubles and give you the best smile possible.


Dr. Kash Kohli 

Raised and educated in India, Dr. Kash Kohli has a long background in humanitarian work and activism in assisting the less fortunate. After obtaining his Bachelor in Dental Surgery in 2007, he went on to offer dentistry at subsidized prices to those who could not afford it, dedicating his spare time to a charitable hospital in his home town for four years before staying on as an associate to work in the dental wing of BVB Hospital. During this time, he embarked on a project as a community worker for various health education programs, organizing fundraisers and dental camps for children so they could receive check ups and blood donations. He also treated inmates in jail as part of a pilot study and lectured at the SGT Dental College’s Oral Surgery Department. His efforts were rewarded with a leadership position for the Key Resource Team in conducting training workshops for oral health providers, servicing marginalized populations in recognizing symptoms for AIDS.

Dr. Kohli has continued his volunteerism in Canada, working in dental clinics in both Toronto and Halifax to provide care to those in need, assist with student-led initiatives and promote multidisciplinary approaches in dentistry. He obtained his Dental Hygiene diploma at Regency, an Orthodontic Certificate from George Brown and a Doctor in Dental Surgery degree from Dalhousie University. He was recognized for his exceptional work in infection control, patient care, critical thinking initiatives and dealing with children with special needs. He has continued his humanitarian labour, arranging programs for the elderly population and helping refugees. His education is ongoing as he attends continuing dental workshops and conferences to ensure he is well versed in technological advancements.

Reputed for his honesty and compassion, Dr. Kohli believes in treating people how you want to be treated – like family. He puts relationships over treatment, focusing on the whole person and listening with empathy. He moved to Newfoundland in the hope of a new life to get away from Toronto’s constant hustle as he loves the east coast spirit! His passion is in combining old tested treatments with new technologies while promoting preventative and restorative dentistry and the importance of healthy, lifelong relationships with your dentist. He is in good standing with the Newfoundland Dental Board and is a member of the dental association. He speaks English, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu.


Claire, Dental Assistant


Laura, Dental Assistant


Susann, Dental Hygienist


Alayna, Dental Hygienist


Natasha, Dental Hygienist


Linda, Treatment Coordinator


Terralynn, Office Manager


Wanda, Dental Hygiene Coordinator

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